First of all – thank you for finding your way to my blog! I hope you enjoy it and are able to take something away from it.

I started this blog primarily to share my own experiences and tips/tricks with planning my travel adventures and to document my travels as I go. Currently, I am planning a 4 week trip to Mexico later this year (Oct 2017) with my husband.

So, a little about myself – I’m from New Zealand, I enjoy travelling and my ultimate goal in life is to visit every single country or to at least die having tried! My husband and I are both “planners,” we love to plan trips/adventures and put as much time into planning as we can, planning down to the last detail – as much as we can anyway! When travelling, it is important to be flexible as well!

I have a BA in History and my husband has an MA in History (he’s currently working towards his Ph.D) so our travels are very history-oriented, but we like to incorporate other experiences as well to make the most out of our trips!

Michelle 🙂